1380 Wycliffe Bible (New Testament)
1388 Wycliffe Bible (Old Testament)
1539 The Great Bible
1557 The Geneva Bible (New Testament)
1560 The Geneva Bible (Old Testament)
1606 Bishop's Bible - much of the King James came from the Bishop's Bible
1611 King James Authorized Version (KJV) that contained the Apocrypha (recognized not necessarily authorized by the church)
1629 First Authorized Version without the Apocrypha
1631 Wicked Bible - the word "not" was left out of the 7th commandment
1650 Contained multiple printing errors
1701 Insertion of dates of Archbishop Ussher in margin
1717 Luke 20 "vinegar" instead of "vineyard"
1769 Today's Authorized Version (Oxford Standard) which differs from the 1611 version in over 75,000 details
1777 First King James Version New Testament printed in the USA
1782 First King James Version Bible printed in the USA
1795 Mark 7:27 misspelled "killed" for "filled", called Murder's Bible
1881, 1885 English Revised Version - ERV
1901 American Standard Version - ASV
1973 New International Version - NIV