Chapter 29
29:1  And Job again took up the word and said,
29:2  If only I might again be as I was in the months which are past, in the days when God was watching over me!
29:3  When his light was shining over my head, and when I went through the dark by his light.
29:4  As I was in my flowering years, when my tent was covered by the hand of God;
29:5  While the Ruler of all was still with me, and my children were round me;
29:6  When my steps were washed with milk, and rivers of oil were flowing out of the rock for me.
29:7  When I went out of my door to go up to the town, and took my seat in the public place,
29:8  The young men saw me, and went away, and the old men got up from their seats;
29:9  The rulers kept quiet, and put their hands on their mouths;
29:10  The chiefs kept back their words, and their tongues were joined to the roofs of their mouths.
29:11  For when it came to their ears, men said that I was truly happy; and when their eyes saw, they gave witness to me;
29:12  For I was a saviour to the poor when he was crying for help, to the child with no father, and to him who had no supporter.
29:13  The blessing of him who was near to destruction came on me, and I put a song of joy into the widow's heart.
29:14  I put on righteousness as my clothing, and was full of it; right decisions were to me a robe and a head-dress.
29:15  I was eyes to the blind, and feet to him who had no power of walking.
29:16  I was a father to the poor, searching out the cause of him who was strange to me.
29:17  By me the great teeth of the evil-doer were broken, and I made him give up what he had violently taken away.
29:18  Then I said, I will come to my end with my children round me, my days will be as the sand in number;
29:19  My root will be open to the waters, and the night mist will be on my branches,
29:20  My glory will be ever new, and my bow will be readily bent in my hand.
29:21  Men gave ear to me, waiting and keeping quiet for my suggestions.
29:22  After I had said what was in my mind, they were quiet and let my words go deep into their hearts;
29:23  They were waiting for me as for the rain, opening their mouths wide as for the spring rains.
29:24  I was laughing at them when they had no hope, and the light of my face was never clouded by their fear.
29:25  I took my place as a chief, guiding them on their way, and I was as a king among his army. ...