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124:1  <A Song of the going up. Of David.> If it had not been the Lord who was on our side (let Israel now say);
124:2  If it had not been the Lord who was on our side, when men came up against us;
124:3  They would have made a meal of us while still living, in the heat of their wrath against us:
124:4  We would have been covered by the waters; the streams would have gone over our soul;
124:5  Yes, the waters of pride would have gone over our soul.
124:6  Praise be to the Lord, who has not let us be wounded by their teeth.
124:7  Our soul has gone free like a bird out of the net of those who would take her: the net is broken, and we are free.
124:8  Our help is in the name of the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.