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Verse Memorization

Subject Print Stack
God's creation kjv  bbe  hgb  hb5
The word of God kjv  bbe  hgb  hb5
The wrath of God kjv  bbe  hgb  hb5
The ten commandments in Exodus kjv  bbe  hgb  hb5
The ten commandments in Deuteronomy kjv  bbe  hgb  hb5
The gospel God promised beforehand through his prophets in the Holy Scriptures regarding his Son kjv  bbe  hgb  hb5

Help on Verse Memorization

The verse memorization tool here simulates the verse memorization flashcards, where a person would hold a stack of flashcards with one or more verses on each card. On the top right there is the title of the verse, for example, "Genesis 1:1". The content of the verse would be printed in the center portion of the card. One way of using such flash cards would be, pull cards one at a time from top of the stack. Instead of just read the content of the verse from the card, first make an effort to look into ones own memory for the content of the verse by covering the content of the verse, exposing only the title of the verse. Then uncover the card, and compare what is on the card with what you have memorized.

When a verse is first shown, the content is covered. You can only see the title. After making an effort to look it up in you own memory, click on "Show Verse" to show the content. If needed, you can cover the verse again, by click on "Hide Verse". After you done, click on "Next Verse" to go to the next verse.

The hyper link under the verse title leads to the chapter that the verse is in. Click on it brings up the chapter, so you can study the context of the verse.

You can also print the whole stack of the cards. Click on the print the stack icon brings up a page where each verse is in a box. Print the page and cut out the boxes and you get yourself a stack of verse memorization flash cards. You probably needs to setup the page and adjust the margins prior to printing. We used the following settings:
Margins (inches)
Left: 0.25   Right: 0.25
Top: 0.26   Bottom: 0.46

Also use print preview to make sure the page break does not go through a flash card.

Last Update: Mar 15, 2019