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109:1  <To the chief music-maker. Of David. A Psalm.> God of my praise, let my prayer be answered;
109:2  For the mouth of the sinner is open against me in deceit: his tongue has said false things against me.
109:3  Words of hate are round about me; they have made war against me without cause.
109:4  For my love they give me back hate; but I have given myself to prayer.
109:5  They have put on me evil for good; hate in exchange for my love.
109:6  Put an evil man over him; and let one be placed at his right hand to say evil of him.
109:7  When he is judged, let the decision go against him; and may his prayer become sin.
109:8  Let his life be short; let another take his position of authority.
109:9  Let his children have no father, and his wife be made a widow.
109:10  Let his children be wanderers, looking to others for their food; let them be sent away from the company of their friends.
109:11  Let his creditor take all his goods; and let others have the profit of his work.
109:12  Let no man have pity on him, or give help to his children when he is dead.
109:13  Let his seed be cut off; in the coming generation let their name go out of memory.
109:14  Let the Lord keep in mind the wrongdoing of his fathers; and may the sin of his mother have no forgiveness.
109:15  Let them be ever before the eyes of the Lord, so that the memory of them may be cut off from the earth.
109:16  Because he had no mercy, but was cruel to the low and the poor, designing the death of the broken-hearted.
109:17  As he took pleasure in cursing, so let it come on him; and as he had no delight in blessing, let it be far from him.
109:18  He put on cursing like a robe, and it has come into his body like water, and into his bones like oil.
109:19  Let it be to him as a robe which he puts on, let it be like a band which is round him at all times.
109:20  Let this be the reward given to my haters from the Lord, and to those who say evil of my soul.
109:21  But, O Lord God, give me your help, because of your name; take me out of danger, because your mercy is good.
109:22  For I am poor and in need, and my heart is wounded in me.
109:23  I am gone like the shade when it is stretched out: I am forced out of my place like a locust.
109:24  My knees are feeble for need of food; there is no fat on my bones.
109:25  As for me, they make sport of me; shaking their heads when they see me.
109:26  Give me help, O Lord my God; in your mercy be my saviour;
109:27  So that they may see that it is the work of your hand; that you, Lord, have done it.
109:28  They may give curses but you give blessing; when they come up against me, put them to shame; but let your servant be glad.
109:29  Let my haters be clothed with shame, covering themselves with shame as with a robe.
109:30  I will give the Lord great praise with my mouth; yes, I will give praise to him among all the people.
109:31  For he is ever at the right hand of the poor, to take him out of the hands of those who go after his soul.