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80:1  <To the chief music-maker; put to Shoshannim-eduth. Of Asaph. A Psalm.> Give ear, O Keeper of Israel, guiding Joseph like a flock; you who have your seat on the winged ones, let your glory be seen.
80:2  Before Ephraim and Benjamin and Manasseh, let your strength be awake from sleep, and come as our salvation.
80:3  Take us back again, O God; let us see the shining of your face, and let us be safe.
80:4  O Lord God of armies, how long will your wrath be burning against the rest of your people?
80:5  You have given them the bread of weeping for food; for their drink you have given them sorrow in great measure.
80:6  You make us a cause of war among our neighbours; our haters are laughing at us among themselves.
80:7  Take us back again, O God of armies; let us see the shining of your face, and let us be safe.
80:8  You took a vine out of Egypt: driving out the nations, and planting it in their land.
80:9  You made ready a place for it, so that it might take deep root, and it sent out its branches over all the land.
80:10  The mountains were covered with its shade, and the great trees with its branches.
80:11  It sent out its arms to the Sea, and its branches to the River.
80:12  Why are its walls broken down by your hands, so that all who go by may take its fruit?
80:13  It is uprooted by the pigs from the woods, the beasts of the field get their food from it.
80:14  Come back, O God of armies: from heaven let your eyes be turned to this vine, and give your mind to it,
80:15  Even to the tree which was planted by your right hand, and to the branch which you made strong for yourself.
80:16  It is burned with fire; it is cut down: they are made waste by the wrath of your face.
80:17  Let your hand be on the man of your right hand, on the son of man whom you made strong for yourself.
80:18  So will we not be turned back from you; keep us in life, and we will give praise to your name.
80:19  Take us back, O Lord God of armies; let us see the shining of your face, and let us be safe.